Paula Swinnen

"From Creation to Emotions"
Who is Paula?
Driven by her calling from the age of 14, she perfected her mastery of drawing at the Fine Arts school during the day and at the Academy of Ixelles in the evening, then discovered her true passion: 'Drawing in bronze'.

Self-taught, she lives from this desire to explore sculpture through the technique of lost wax. An animal sculptor for 30 years, Paula Swinnen masters every step of her works, from foundry to patinas. She goes beyond simple representation, shaping her sculptures by transcribing the expression and "personality" of each work, capturing the natural movement of her models inspired by fauna and flora.
Paula's vision
The work of Paula is a realistic interpretation of nature where one finds a strength of expression recreating the very pulse of it and life. Her vision as a sculptor becomes a reality of bronze that she executes in the form of sculptures, furniture, jewelry and many others.

Attracted by monkeys, after the realization of several Orangutans, Paula Swinnen gave life to a mountain gorilla for the WWF.

Her creations of life-size camels, monkeys, chandeliers... take Paula to increasingly monumental creations. In recent years, these coffee tables with birds, water lilies and on the theme of the vine are an Ode to nature.
Paula Swinnen has the ambition to create a true bestiary where her field of inspiration is inexhaustible.
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